Tully Railway Station - Home of Ingan Tours

Queensland Heritage Listed Building
Your World Heritage Rainforest Indigenous Culture Tour Centre

The beautifully restored Tully Railway Station is a stop for Queensland Rail's Spirit of Queensland service between Brisbane and Cairns.
Travelling between Brisbane and Cairns five times a week, the Spirit of Queensland redefines the modern rail travel experience with a comfortable and convenient way to access spectacular holiday destinations such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsundays, Townsville and Cairns and everywhere in between.
So wherever you're heading, the Spirit of Queensland will have you relaxed from the moment you step aboard to the time you arrive at your destination.

Make QLD Rail part of your next journey.

The restoration of the Tully Railway Station was several months in the making, and is now home to INGAN TOURS The Queensland Heritage listed building has been restored to bring a variety of creative opportunities together to work, collaborate, hang out, learn about Indigenous culture or meet a friend for coffee. See this unique venue for yourself!

Ingan Tours was created by three family members who identify as Jirrbal Rainforest Aboriginal people.  Dr Ernie Grant (Jirrbal Elder), Sonya Jeffrey (Manager) and Caroline Grant (Senior Tour Guide) had a dream to share their authentic Aboriginal heritage and the ancient knowledge they possess with the world. 
Their traditional lands as Rainforest Aboriginal people sit within beautiful World Heritage Listed Rainforest of Tropical North Queensland, Australia.
Their culture has survived for over 40,000 years and their connection with the natural environment is interwoven and demonstrated through all of their unique cultural tour experiences.
When on tour with the Ingan Aboriginal guides you learn to see the natural environment through their eyes, hear their creation stories and taste their unique bush food.

Ingan Tours have a variety of tours to suit different tastes:

Spirit of the Rainforest Tour
For thousands of years the Jirrbal Ancestors have walked through the rainforest across mountainous regions, creeks and rivers via Aboriginal trading routes. These trading routes served as an essential resource to sustain life for the Jirrbal people.

Ingan Yunba Tour
A unique and authentic Aboriginal experience for short stay travellers. Includes a guided walk with interpretation of the rainforest environment to the beautiful healing pond.

Tully Kayak Tour (Guided)
'Hike on water' with our new guided Kayak Tours on the beautiful Bulgan Creek!
Absolutely breathtaking, a must do tour.

Tully Railway Station

Photo: Marcia Baker