Tropical Coast Top Ten #6 - Indigenous Culture

Share the culture of one of the many Aboriginal tribal groups who have lived along The Tropical Coast for over 40,000 years.
Rainforest culture differed here from most other Australian Aboriginal tribes, noticeably with a heavy dependence on arboreal skills and unique weapons.

Experience the Indigenous Culture of the Tropical Coast.

Mungalla Aboriginal Tours - Ingham
Come and meet the Nywaigi Aboriginal people, the Aboriginal traditional owners of the lands around Ingham in North Queensland. Experience our rich culture and history. Learn of the often brutal conflict between Nywaigi Aboriginal people and European settlers that shaped the destiny of North Queensland.

Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre - Cardwell
Emerging from the rainforest canopy and a culture spanning countless generations, the work of Girringun artists is attracting a lot of attention.
The stories and environments of this ancient culture are being transformed into visual images and designs by weavers, painters, potters, textile artists and makers of traditional objects.
A continuing close connection to place and honouring of indigenous lore and culture provides inspiration for this work which embraces traditional and contemporary concepts.

Ingan Tours - Tully
The traditional and authentic trading routes that the Janbanbarra Jirrbal Rainforest people base our tourism and educational experiences around and to share with visitors from all over the world to “walk in the footsteps of their Ancestors”… to sense a cultural and spiritual connection to the land, where they have been custodians for thousands of years.

Okka Wikka - Japoonvale
"We are Remote Australian Visual Artists
Re-imagining Designs and Practices from our Ancestral Landscape
Man places Story with his Image
As Folk Craft Custodians we maintain Archetypal Craft Patterns"

Jitta Art - Innisfail
Jitta Art has been delivering engaging cultural workshops for over 5 years
Workshops are age appropriate for all students (Prep - Year12)
All Materials Supplied
All Students take home their own art

Mamu Tropical Skywalk - Palmerston
Take a walk in the clouds in Wooroonooran National Park just 15 minutes out of Innisfail. Elevated walkways, a cantilever, and observation tower offer visitors the exhilarating experience of being high in the rainforest canopy, along with providing spectacular panoramic views of World Heritage rainforest landscapes.

The Boulder’s Legend - Babinda
The Yidinji tribe lived in the Babinda Valley - the legend of the Boulders is a haunting love story.

Indigenous Art

Photo Courtesy of Jitta Art