Tropical Coast Top Ten #5 - Hinchinbrook Island

World's Largest Island National Park
Bushwalking, Swimming, Fishing, Kayaking - Hinchinbrook Island has it all!

Hinchinbrook Island is the largest Island National Park in the world, and home of the world-renowned Thorsborne Trail; a four day trek through cloud-covered mountains, rainforest, beautiful beaches and melaleuca swamps. If hiking isn't your style, you can take a day trip to amazing bays with waterfalls and freshwater swimming holes or explore the Hinchinbrook Channel between the island and the mainland.

Zoe Falls - Part of the Hinchinbrook Way
If you are looking for stunning waterfalls that truly captivate the mind, then Zoe Falls is just for you. Zoe Falls plummets into a deep blue swimming hole, surround by nature. Zoe Falls is easily accessible and is perfect for the family. At the top of the falls are Infinity Pools overlooking the awe inspiring Zoe Bay, given you wide spread views of the sea and lush tropical rainforest.

Hinchinbrook Island National Park
The island’s cloud-covered mountains support fragile heath vegetation. Rainforest and eucalypt forest descend to a mangrove-lined channel in the west with bays, beaches and rocky headlands along the east coast.

If you don't have your own boat to get across to the island, choose one of the local charter boats to take you on your Hinchinbrook Island Adventure - Hinchinbrook Island Cruises - Absolute North Charters

Ryan Moody Fishing Charters - putting Hinchinbrook fishing charter clients onto premium sportsfish for 30 years.

Fullon Fish'n Charters - Fish with locally born and bred Nathan Kemp with 30 years of Hinchinbrook experience.

Crackajack Sportfishing Adventures - Whether it’s going after the iconic Barramundi down mangrove-lined rivers or taking on some Blue Water Sport fishing, Crackajack tours offer anglers the best that Queensland has to offer.

Coral Sea Kayaking - Paddling the coast of Hinchinbrook Island and camping on the white sandy beaches is a true taste of paradise. These uninhabited islands offer stunning views and deserted beaches.  Our 7 day expedition style trip takes you away from it all and into what seems like another world; to let you relax, sometimes challenge yourself and always enjoy nature at its best.

Sunset over Hinchinbrook Island
Photo Courtesy of corserimages