Paronella Park - A Wildlife Extravaganza

World-Famous rainforest gardens.
Immerse yourself in a wildlife wonderland.

Nestled in the rainforest gardens planted by Jose Paronella below the Mena Creek Falls on the Canecutter Way, Paronella Park is home to a plethora of wildlife.

For the bird watcher, there is a variety of birdlife too large to list - with migratory and resident birds including Figbirds, Spangled Drongos, Olive-backed orioles, Kookaburras and many more.
If you are lucky, you may spot a Yellow-bellied sunbird feeding chicks - the sunbirds have adapted to favour building their nests in the vicinity of human activity for the protection that this gives them from predators and weather.

Aquatic life is abundant with hundreds of Black Brim and eels to feed in the pool below the falls. If you have ever stalked Jungle Perch in mountain streams and their timidity, you will be amazed to see come right up to the bank to be hand fed. There are also many turtles in the pool - occasionally one will try its hand at exploration of the park, with one even found at the top of the Grand Staircase!

There is a large population of moths and butterflies in the park with special plantings of vines to attract the Ulysses blue butterflies.

The gardens are home to all manner of reptiles such as Green Tree Frogs and lizards - including one particularly cheeky native gecko that lives under a table in the cafe area and pops out to lick up jam from plates and jars, seemingly unconcerned about the humans also having the jam on their scones.

With your ticket to Paronella Park being valid for 2 years, you will want to be returning at every opportunity to immerse yourself in this fantastic wildlife experience.

Native Gecko eating Jam

Photo: Les Cavanagh