Mena Creek Falls - the Gorgeous Backdrop for Paronella Park

Historic Mena Creek Falls in the heart of the Canecutter Way - Greatest Detour in the North
Named after Mena Creek pioneer, Henry Noone’s daughter Philomena

In the small township of Mena Creek, at the heart of the Canecutter Way, the Mena Creek Falls are a spectacular single drop waterfall over seven million year old Basalt rock.

Mena Creek Falls are illuminated at night until around midnight which is quite spectacular.

Just 19km south of Innisfail, the Mena Creek Environmental Park is on the southern side of the falls and accessible by the public at all times - there are public toilets, a beautiful grassed area with a picnic table & chairs, historic interpretive signs and access to the suspension bridge that spans the falls.
There is also a walking track that leads from the toilets down to a viewing platform on the bank of the creek with views of the waterfall and across to the Paronella Park lower Tea Gardens. DIRECTIONS

On the northern side of the falls is world-renowned Paronella Park - a ‘Spanish-style Castillo’ and commercial pleasure garden built in the 1930s by Spanish immigrant José Paronella. Visitors to Paronella Park are treated to many different views of Mena Creek Falls.

Mena Creek Falls
Photo by TakenByGio