Josephine Falls, Babinda Boulders and some Kayaking

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Orbit Terra Australis are a family of four plus two poodles driving around the Lucky Country.
They have recently been exploring the Tropical Coast and this is their story and pictures of their time at Josephine Falls, Babinda Boulders and some kayaking on Babinda Creek.

After leaving Paronella Park we headed through the lovely town of Innisfail towards Josephine Falls.
It is my favourite waterfall & swimming spot so far. We arrived early so that it would be cool enough for the dogs to stay in the car and to miss the crowds as it was a Sunday.
For the first 10 minutes we had it to ourselves and by the time we finished swimming it was packed.

We then moved on to Babinda Rotary Park and got the last proper spot (not the one at the boulders as they do not take dogs). A great spot with toilets, coin showers, dump point and access to the creek to cool down.

I had the urge to kayak, so we used Google Earth to scope out a spot where we could access the creek upstream and I kayaked about 7 km downstream back to our camp. The water was crystal clear and I could see fish swimming underneath the kayak. Although they say Babinda creek does not have crocs, I was keeping my arms in and my eyes open!

The afternoon Fritz did doggie daycare and I took the Kids to Babinda Boulders.
The walk is beautiful and the swimming on a warm day is great.
We were there late afternoon so it was cooling down already.

The photos of the Babinda Boulders walk and Devils Pool do not show scale or do it justice.
It is huge and I can understand why access to those parts of the creek are blocked!

Many Thanks to Orbit Terra Australis for allowing us to share this story and your pictures of this amazing part of the Tropical Coast. Be sure to follow their FACEBOOK PAGE to find out what else they get up to on their epic voyage!

If you want to kayak down Babinda Creek but don't have your own kayaks, contact BABINDA KAYAKING.

Babinda Creek Kayaking
Babinda Creek Kayaking - Photo by Orbit Terra Australis