Innisfail's Feast of the Senses - Part of your Great Barrier Reef Holiday

Rare and Exotic Fruits, Meat, Seafood, Herbs, Spices, Wine and much, much more!
Taste the Tropics at Innisfail's Feast of the Senses

Feast of the Senses - Tropical FruitThe Feast of the Senses is the Tropical Coast’s premier Food Experience.  

Showcasing the amazing variety of rare and exotic fruits, meat, seafood, herbs, spices and wine, the Feast is a Must-Do experience for everyone from the most dedicated foodie to the casual snacker.

The Feast also celebrates the diverse array of local cultures with artworks, dancing and many other displays.

At the 2017 event, the Feast became the home of the World's Longest Banana Split Record with an 8.040km Banana Split being constructed on the Brother's Leagues Club fields.
A truly amazing feat by the organisers and volunteers who braved the scorching sun and the wind to pull off this incredible feat.

Queensland Weekender experienced the Feast of the Senses in 2017 and produced these superb videos that show why you should be planning to make the 2018 Feast of the Senses a part of your Great Barrier Reef Holiday.

So enjoy the videos and we'll see you at Innisfail for the March 22-27 2018 Feast of the Senses!

 The Feast of the Senses Food Trails take guests to such diverse attractions as a Buffalo Dairy and the Broken Nose Vanilla Farm:


In the town centre, there is a Market Day and Seafood Cooking Workshops run by Innisfail Seafood on the banks of the Johnstone River - the Innisfail Art Deco looks stunning in the opening scenes:


 River Cruises with Snapping Tours and (successful) World Record Attempts - the Feast of the Senses truly has something for everyone:



Feast of the Senses - Tropical Fruit

Photo Courtesy of Feast of the Senses and Taken by Gio