Ingan Tours - Authentic Indigenous Experience

Immerse yourself in this amazing Indigenous experience - learn the story of the Janbanbarra Jirrbal Rainforest people.
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Australian Geographic rates Ingan Tours in Tully at #2 in their "5 of the best Aboriginal experiences in Tropical North Queensland" article.

This is a great compliment and a testament to the hard work being done by the Grant family to develop an Authentic Indigenous Experience.

From Australian Geographic:
"Experience the ways of the rainforest Aboriginal people with the Grant family, who run the Aboriginal-owned Ingan Tours. The Janbanbarra Jirrbal Rainforest people, who hail from the Davidson Valley (about 45 mins drive south-west of Mission Beach), have a deep connection with the land. Their ancestors walked the rainforest across mountains, creeks and rivers via Aboriginal trading routes to hunt and gather for ceremonial rituals and marriages with neighbouring tribal communities. Experience a traditional welcome ceremony to Jirrbal country, walk traditional rainforest trails enjoying Aboriginal stories along the way to Echo Creek Falls. Cool off in crystal clear water while absorbing ancestral spirits of the forest."

Ingan Tours also features in the Tourism & Events Queensland campaign
"I know just the place":


Ingan Tours can be found at the Tully Railway Station
Call them on 07 4068 0189
Or Book your Indigenous Experience Online

Ingan River Tours - Authentic Indigenous Experience

Photo Courtesy of Ingan Tours