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The Family islands - things to do at Mission Beach
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When you arrive at Hudson Island you'll know you're in paradise.

Hudson Island is part of the Family Islands group just off the coast of Mission Beach.

Whilst there is no camping allowed on this island, it is accessible by sea kayak, private boat or charter vessel from Mission Beach.

Mission Beach Dunk Island Water Taxi will take you to any of the Family Islands for a day trip or drop off and pick up on islands where camping is allowed.

"Choose from any one of these amazing national park islands and we can get you there and pick you up. Perhaps the Twins - Wheeler for the facilities including toilets and picnic tables or Coombe for her shaded picnic table with easy access to two beaches to explore. The Triplets - Smith, Bowden or Hudson for there seclusion, privacy and great snorkeling."

From the Department of National Parks:
"The Family Islands are off the North Queensland coast, between Tully Heads and Mission Beach. Dunk Island, 4.5km east of Mission Beach, is the largest and most northerly of the group. Access to Dunk Island is by either private vessel, water taxi from Wongaling and South Mission beaches (travel time approximately 10 minutes) or commercial charter boat. Most of the island is protected as national park and the remainder of the island is freehold (Dunk Island Resort and farm) and council esplanade.

Wheeler (Toolgbar), Coombe, Smith (Kurrumbah), Bowden (Budg-Joo), Hudson (Coolah), Mung Um Gnackum, Kumboola and Mound (Purtaboi) islands are also part of the Family Islands National Park. These islands are accessible by sea kayak, private boat or charter vessel from Mission Beach."

Check Great Barrier Reef zoning information and maps before entering or conducting any activities in the marine parks surrounding these islands.

Hudson Island

Photo: Coconutjen