Zoe Bay - Hinchinbrook Island - Great Barrier Reef Holidays

Experience the wonder of the World's Largest Island National Park
Part of the Hinchinbrook Way

Hinchinbrook Island - Australia's largest island National park & is also one of the most beautiful parts of the Tropical Coast.

Take a day trip on board Hinchinbrook Island Cruises & let them show you a day you'll never forget.
The deep green fresh water swimming hole at Zoe Falls is so relaxing you won't want to leave.
Zoe Bay, located on the south eastern side, is one of Hinchinbrook Islands most magnificent locations.
The tour begins with a spectacular one and a half hour boat ride from Hinchinbrook Harbour down the protected waters of the Hinchinbrook Channel to Zoe Bay or you can start from Lucinda.
The cruise provides unbelievable scenery through the Hinchinbrook Channel to the south then out to the open waters on the seaward side of Hinchinbrook Island en route to Zoe Bay.

Zoe Falls - Part of the Hinchinbrook Way
If you are looking for stunning waterfalls that truly captivate the mind, then Zoe Falls is just for you. Zoe Falls plummets into a deep blue swimming hole, surround by nature. Zoe Falls is easily accessible and is perfect for the family. At the top of the falls are Infinity Pools overlooking the awe inspiring Zoe Bay, given you wide spread views of the sea and lush tropical rainforest.

Hinchinbrook Island National Park
The island’s cloud-covered mountains support fragile heath vegetation. Rainforest and eucalypt forest descend to a mangrove-lined channel in the west with bays, beaches and rocky headlands along the east coast.

Zoe Bay - Hinchinbrook Island - Great Barrier Reef

Photo: reubennutt