Six km in Six hours

Walshs Pyramid Gordonvale
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The distinctive Walshs Pyramid, one of the highest freestanding natural pyramids in the world. The difficult hike to the summit is only 6km, but takes around six hours return. 

Getting there and getting around

From Cairns travel 25 km south along the Bruce Highway, past Gordonvale. About 800 m south of the Mulgrave River bridge (Desmond Trannore bridge), turn right onto Moss Road. Follow the signs along this gravel road to the car park where the walking track begins.

Wheelchair accessibility

There are no wheelchair-accessible facilities.

Park features

Situated at the northern end of Wooroonooran National Park, within the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, Walshs Pyramid is a granite core left standing in the form of a pointed hill when older, less resistant metamorphic rocks were eroded away.

Eucalypt woodlands cover the lower slopes while towards the summit, as soil becomes shallower, trees are more stunted and shrubs dominate along with grasses and rock ferns.

Every year, in August, this mountain is the focus of the ‘Great Pyramid Race’. Runners compete on a 12 km course, from the middle of nearby Gordonvale to the summit of Walshs Pyramid and back.

Walsh's Pyramid
Picture Courtesy of wynbellis