Experience Paradise - Dunk Island

Camping for a few nights is a great way to explore Dunk Island.
The Sunset Cafe combines good food and a relaxed atmosphere to provide a highlight to any trip to Dunk Island.

Dunk Island is one of nature’s true wonders and a destination not to be missed.
Lying just 4km off the coast of Mission Beach, it is only a short ferry ride over to what many have described as the epitome of tropical island escapes.

Surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef and containing marine life such as sea turtles, dugongs and dolphins, with the island itself a natural rainforest retreat inhabited by a diverse population of exotic wild birds, Dunk Island will never cease to amaze.

If leisure and cocktails are more your thing, then why not head to the Sunset Bar on The Spit. With tropical beats, and Coronas and fresh prawns the flavour of the day, it’s the idyllic place to watch the sun set on one of nature’s most stunning wonders of the world.


Dunk Island - Great Barrier Reef

Photo: flightseeing_germany