Dive the Great Barrier Reef from Mission Beach

Explore the underwater world during your visit to the Outer Great Barrier Reef on board 'Reef Goddess', a beautiful custom built snorkel and dive vessel.
Snorkel - Dive - Relax - Enjoy

Mission Beach Dive - Snorkel - Dive - Relax - EnjoyThe majesty of the Great Barrier Reef - we've all seen it on TV and now you can immerse yourself in the beauty of this World Heritage Listed Icon.

Stretching 2,300 km along the Queensland coast and covering 344,400 km², the Great Barrier Reef comprises thousands of reefs and hundreds of islands. It is home to countless species of fish and other marine life including fish, molluscs, starfish, whales, dolphins and sharks.

Mission Beach Dive will create your Outer Great Barrier Reef Experience whether you wish to take your family snorkelling, a couples' special dive or snorkel charter, advance your dive training and more.  They offer two distinctively different vessels and activities to choose from with different price ranges to suit all budgets. 

If you want to experience the Great Barrier Reef from the closest mainland access point and avoid the crowds, Mission Beach Dive is your perfect choice.

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