Crocodile Tours - Tropical Wildlife Experience

Take a ride in the Snapping Tours Glass Bottom Boat - Crocodiles, Cassowaries, Rainforest & Mangroves.
Step back in time and marvel at the prehistoric reptiles & birds that call the Tropical Coast home.

Crocodile and Wildlife tours - Snapping ToursWhat better way to explore the famous World Heritage Listed Wet Tropics and Tropical Coast than on board the well-appointed Snapping Tours glass bottom boat travelling on the Johnstone River system.
This locally owned and family operated business have generations of local knowledge and history about the Innisfail area’s rivers, rainforest, flora and fauna.

The leisurely cruise takes you on the calm waters of the Johnstone River which gives you a close up view of the mangroves and abundant river life. The owners have an expert eye for spotting the local Crocodiles either swimming in the river or sunning themselves on the sandbanks. Either way, it’s a spectacular sight! Other special sights can include turtles, snakes and other animals unique to the wet tropics who call the river banks home. Small group tours make sure each cruise is personal and memorable. Whether it’s for a fun family day out or a special celebration, cruises can be tailored to fit the needs of nearly any family or group. This unique cruising experience on the tranquil waters of the Johnstone River awaits you.

Experiencing wild caught Mud Crabs and guided walks along a secluded beach is also on the agenda. During our boat cruise, our tour guides will check crab pots in the hope of seeing Mud Crabs, together with explaining their general features and their habitat. These Mud Crab’s claws are very powerful and customers can see just how powerful their claws are through a live demonstration.

Take a walk along a secluded beach located in a World Heritage area comprising of the wet tropics and cassowary habitat. Our guides take you for a guided walk along the beach, with a chance of spotting Cassowaries and other wild bird species.

Come and enjoy a fun and memorable tour only 60 Minute Drive From Cairns.

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Crocodile and Wildlife tours

Photo Courtesy of Snapping Tours