Etty Bay - Hidden Gem with Cassowary Beach Patrols

A popular spot for locals and visitors looking for a gorgeous beach to spend the day.
A family of the iconic Southern Cassowary patrol the beach most days.

This beautiful shot was captured in the coastal town of Etty Bay near Innisfail on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef.

This gorgeous hidden gem is a popular destinations for locals and tourists alike with a family of the iconic Southern Cassowary patrolling the beach most days - early morning and late afternoon are your best opportunities to see these amazing birds.

The Etty Bay Caravan Park & Kiosk has absolute beach frontage, where the Cassowaries roam freely.
Enjoy coffee or a meal at their Beach Front Kiosk.
Cabins, Powered and Unpowered Sites are available - be sure to book ahead at holiday times.

Swim with confidence with the friendly crew from the Etty Bay Surf Lifesaving Club supervising the beach.

The Southern Cassowary is the world's 3rd largest bird and is one of Australia's largest land animals.

Cassowary Fast Facts from the Qld Department of Environment and Heritage Protection

Unique bird
In Australia the cassowary is found in far north Queensland's tropical rainforests, melaleuca swamps and mangrove forests.
Did you know?
The cassowary is Australia's heaviest flightless bird, but the emu is taller.
Rainforest gardener
The cassowary is an important rainforest gardener, spreading the seeds of rainforest trees. Sometimes the seeds are so large that no other animal can swallow and disperse them.
Dung data
Cassowary dung contains hundreds of seeds gathered over hectares of forest.


Etty Bay Sunrise

Photo: jelmerdekens_foodtography