2017 Caravan & Camping Shows - Melbourne - Sydney - Brisbane

A successful 2017 Caravan & Camping Show season draws to a close
Three Venues, 18 Days and over 150,000 potential travellers

For over 60 years the Victorian Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow at Melbourne has been Australia’s premier outdoors show with thousands of people experiencing the very best of these great industries in one place. 

This year, the Drive North Queensland stand won the prize for Best Tourism Stand which is a credit to all the volunteers who made Drive North Queensland best in show.
Mark & Judy Evans from Paronella Park volunteered 6 days of their valuable time to represent the Tropical Coast at this show. As with all work done for the Tropical Coast by Mr & Mrs Evans, this came at no cost to the region with Mark & Judy paying for all their own travel & accomodation expenses.
This year's Victorian Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow saw over 50,000 people through the gates - these are people who are planning holidays or looking for inspiration for holidays and chatting with people as enthusiastic about the Tropical Coast as Mark & Judy is a great way for them to begin or renew their relationship with our region.

For all of the major Caravan & Camping Shows, the Tropical Coast is a part of the Drive North Queensland display, working together with the Savannah Way, Cape York and other Tropical North Queensland destinations. This enables the Tropical Coast to have a strong presence at the shows and chat with the large number of travellers who are planning trips to Cape York.

Cape York and the Savannah Way are the most popular touring destinations in North Queensland and many travellers heading for these destinations travel right through the Tropical coast - on the way there or on the way back and sometimes both. The Caravan & Camping Shows are a great opportunity to show these travellers what the Tropical Coast has to offer while they are planning their journeys.

At the Sydney Caravan, Camping & Holiday Supershow in April, Tropical Coast Tourism Board Member Rob Smith from the Jackaroo Treehouse donated 6 days of his time to present the Tropical Coast to the more than 60,000 people flocking through the gates for the six-day event.

Rob backed up in June with another 3 days at the Queensland Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow before handing over to Mark & Judy Evans for the final 3 days of the show.
This show was another successful event with over 40,000 people visiting the show over the 6 days.

The value of having enthusiastic and knowledgeable Tropical Coast representatives at these shows cannot be overstated - most road trippers heading into North Queensland will be passing through the Tropical Coast.

With so many of the Tropical Coast's amazing attractions being off the Bruce Highway, a little information is often all that is needed to encourage travellers to stay a little longer on the Tropical Coast.

The Wallaman Falls Drive, the Mission Beach Tourist Drive and the Canecutter Way Tourist Dive are just three of the amazing detours available to travellers heading through the Tropical Coast.

Victorian Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow Best Tourism Stand 
Victorian Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow Best Tourism Stand
L-R: Emma Terry (Cobbold Gorge), Judy Evans (Paronella Park), Mark Evans (Tropical Coast), Isha Segboer (Cape York Tourism)