Blencoe Falls - Girringun National Park

Walk-in and vehicle-based camping is available at Blencoe Falls camping area.
The first drop is 90m. Subsequent falls cascade down another 230m.

Blencoe Falls, in the Girringun National Park, is part of the traditional lands of the Warungnu Aboriginal people.
They hope that you will enjoy your visit and respect this sacred place.

Blencoe Falls is one of the most stunning waterfalls in Australia.
It plunges 90m to the pool below, before cascading a further 230m to the bottom of Blencoe Gorge.

The Kirrama Range Road from Kennedy on the Bruce Highway provides access from the coast to the falls.
This road is now opened and is accessible by four-wheel-drive and high-clearance vehicles.
For the latest information relating to the state of Kirrama Range Road check the Department of National Parks Page for Park Alerts or contact Cassowary Coast Regoinal Council.

Blencoe Falls lookout is approximately 62 kilometres (39 mi) west of Kennedy. DIRECTIONS
At Kennedy, 10km north of Cardwell, turn west and travel 6km to the base of Kirrama Range and a further 24km to Society Flat, Kirrama Range National Park. Continue another 44km to Blencoe Falls Camping Area. To access Herbert River Gorge Lookout and Blencoe Falls Lookout, continue 1.4km past the camping area to the signposted turn-off, then 5.2km to the parking area.



Walk-in and vehicle-based camping is available at Blencoe Falls camping area.
Toilets are provided and water can be collected from Blencoe Creek—treat all water before use.
Camping permits are required and fees apply.
A tag with your booking number must be displayed at your camp site.

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Blencoe FallsPhoto by instabiggs