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Drive it. Really?
Yes. It’s a region built to Explore. We think you’ll want to do that with the flexibility of your own vehicle.

Here’s a tip - Don’t rush it.
The 350km drive between Townsville and Cairns can be done in about five hours, but don’t do it ! You’ll want to take the time to turn down that road, take a walk, or just stop. Give yourself a week.

Strange dangers.
There are few first-world tropical regions that are safe, easy to travel, affordable and offer such world scale natural sceneries. Most visitors go home with their arms and legs!

Will my phone work?
Don’t panic you can still Twitter & Facebook! It’s Australia’s National Highway One. Sure, many of the highlights are off the highway, but most are within a 30 minute drive of the next town. Relax, it’s an adventure.

Big value – Tight budget?
Barefoot millionaires abound up here, but don’t worry, we’ll give you the same friendly welcome.

We’ve probably got more 3 star, than 5 star options, but the awe inspiring landscapes outside are rated best in the world; “...of outstanding value to humanity”( UNESCO)

About the Great Green Way journey
Look it’s really hard to decide which end to start The Great Green Way journey. We figured we’d start at the North (to Cairns) and travel to the South (Townsville) and travel, but it’s your choice and it works equally well in either direction ! Oh, and one last thing – Please support our supporters. If nothing else, will you at least tell them about this site. Give them some feedback, and let them know what you think. So let’s start your next big adventure........

Drive Times
FromToKm’s (approx.)Mins (approx.)
Townsville Crystal Creek  (turn off) 60 45
Crystal Creek Ingham 40 25
Ingham Wallaman Falls 65 60
Ingham Cardwell 53 45
Cardwell Kennedy 11 10
Kennedy Tully 32 30
Tully El Arish 16 15
Tully Mission Beach 28 25
El Arish Mission Beach 16 15
El Arish Silkwood 8 10
Silkwood Kurrimine Beach 10 10
Silkwood Mena Creek 24 30
Mena Creek Innisfail 18 25
Silkwood Mourilyan 20 15
Mourilyan Innisfail 7 10
Innisfail Flying Fish Point 8 10
Innisfail Babinda 29 25
Babinda Bramston Beach 24 20
Babinda Gordonvale 35 30
Gordonvale Cairns 24 30

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